Xiao Fang Zhou

Xiao Fang Zhou assists in business development for American companies in China, and for Chinese companies in America. Beginning with in-depth translation services, she provides research, personal representation, business plan and web development, and import/export license services. She is also active in an important international arts, culture and business intelligence exchange program, which seeks to build the foundation for peace between America and China; see americachinabridge.com.

The base for any sound business relationship is accurate understanding of the spoken and written word, in full cultural context. We provide a wide range of expert translation services, from English to Chinese (Mandarin), and from Chinese to English. Our services include document translation, audio transcription, live interpretation, proofreading, voiceovers, subtitles and localization.

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Xiao Fang Zhou is a seasoned translator and manager with full English and Mandarin skills. She was born and educated in Beijing; she worked and lived near the Forbidden City for most of her life, and has travelled extensively throughout the country and around Asia. She has lived in the United States (State of Hawaii) since the mid-1990’s, with frequent visits back to Beijing.

Xiao Fang served in the first Joint Venture hotel in China in the mid-1980’s, helping to open up Beijing and all of China to visitors from every country in the world. She is assisted by her business associate, Michael North, in editing and proofing English translations, especially in technical, legal and financial fields.

Xiao Fang Zhou is the grand-niece of former Premier and Foreign Minister of China, Zhou En-Lai, who served China for 40 years during its re-birth as a modern nation.

Professional Translation and Interpretation

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Business Development; Translation of Documents, Audio; Phone and Live Interpreter; Localization, Voiceovers, Patents, Packaging